We have created this Inspiring Blog to share Inspirational Stories, Motivational stories, positive stories , Articles to Motivate , Inspire , empower and encourage the youth. 

We will not create, promote or endorse anything that encourages hate, abuse or belittlement of anyone based on race, religious belief, social class, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, creed, ethnic background, marital status, mental or physical condition.

We have a zero tolerance policy related to the above, therefore any comments made on this page which degrade any of the above, will be deleted and the commenters will likely be banned.

Unless otherwise noted, We have taken all images and stories from the Internet and assuming them to be in the public domain. In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and non-commercial. We are not making money though these images , stories or this blog. Our single purpose is to promote love , harmony and Brotherhood.

Images are not presented as our work unless they are marked with. We receive no financial benefit from posting images or by publishing Inspiring Stories on this blog . Primary source of Content is Google , Bing , Facebook and Yahoo search engines. We have created this page only to motivate and Collect stories for our Children. is a Nonprofit project and accepts no liability for any misprints, typos, or misinformation acquired for display at this site. We're not making money from Inspiringy blog and purpose is just to inspire our children and youth. Thank you for your understanding!  Many of the inspiring stories used here are used with permission from the author. However, I cannot grant permission to reuse any of these inspirational stories, as they are not mine.

Many inspiring stories (emailed to me via contact-us form or I came across online) should be considered published under as "Author Unknown." If you happen to know the author's name, to whom credit should be given, please contact me via contact us form, with that information so I can keep our inspiring story collection accurate. Thank you again!!

The more people with whom you share, 

the more your friends will know you care!

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