Friday, 30 October 2015

How to manage cunning and shrewd people?

Once upon a time there was a cunning fox that always looked for ways to cheat the fellow animals of the forest. One day the fox saw some cocks sitting on a tree and she thought of a trick.

She said, “Look friends, few days ago some senior animals of this forest held a meeting and decided that none of us would harm any fellow inhabitant. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of me anymore. Why don’t you come down and enjoy these grapes with me?” The cocks were wise and understood the fox’s intentions. As a result, they kept themselves perched on the highest branch of the tree. In the meantime 2 bloodhounds came running towards the tree and surprised the fox. The fox panicked on seeing the bloodhounds and started running for her life. It was the turn of the cocks now to poke the fox, they said, “Why are you running now?” The fox replied, “It might be possible that these bloodhounds are not aware of the recent resolution.”

Moral of the story

It is always advisable to maintain a distance from the cunning and shrewd people and not let your wisdom get dented by their malicious manipulations.

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