Monday, 12 October 2015

Don't Blame Others

Two families lived nearby. One family had constant quarrels and the other one lived quietly and friendly.

One day, feeling jealous about nice atmosphere flourished in the neighbouring family, wife told her husband:

– Go to the neighbours and look what they are doing for such well-being.

The husband came, hid and started watching. He saw a woman who was wiping the floor in the room. Suddenly something distracted her, and she ran to the kitchen. At that time her husband rushed into the room. He did not notice the bucket of water, occasionally kicked it, so the water overflowed.
Then his wife came back from the kitchen and said him:

– I’m sorry, honey, it’s my fault because I did not remove the bucket from the pass.
– No, I ‘m sorry, honey, it’s my fault, because I did not notice it.
The man returned home, where the wife asked him:
– Did you understand the reason of their well-being?
– I guess that I did. You see, we always seek to be right, while each of them takes the blame on himself.

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